People are People

Just a reminder of the story of Jesus.

People lied to Him. They lied about Him. They called Him blasphemous. They laughed at Him. They spit on Him. People mocked Him. Jesus was God with us on earth.

People are still people. God is still God.

If you feel it’s unfair to be lied about, lied to, ridiculed, gossiped about, called names, hurt. You weren’t the first. Our Savior took all of that on blamelessly. Never having done that to anyone.

He spoke the truth and He is love therefore anything that He said that hurt feelings was for the ultimate good of those He spoke it to. It had to be. Because that’s who He was. Love and Truth.

When His words sting, they are still for our good too. They have to be. Because He still is. Good. Perfectly Good. Love and Truth.

People were healed by Jesus. To the point of crowds surrounding Him.

People were amazed by Jesus. To the point of dying for Him.

People hurt Jesus mentally. To the point of sweating blood.

People didn’t believe Jesus. To the point of betrayal and arrest.

People killed Jesus. With a pierced and broken heart.

Jesus took the nails for people. The people He wants to live with for eternity. And that’s all of us. And all of them.

People are still people. People still do all these things.

God is still God. God will do all things.