Human to Human

If we want others to allow for our humanness, we need to allow others theirs as well.

We need to let people in on the bad and the good. If you have a problem sharing either of these with someone, pay attention to that. It’s God warning and directing you. To the ones you can share the good and the bad, give extra thanks.

We should still love the ones we can’t with, but God gives us certain ones to share both with on a deep level. The deep hards and the really high goods. He gives those who will genuinely feel with you and for you. These are some of your biggest gifts.

If someone won’t admit their humanness with me, I’m no longer comfortable sharing mine. I’ll just take it to God, because I know He gets it. It takes humility to share the bad and courage to share the good. Some only want to hear the bad stuff for juice to share with others and some can’t handle the good because it might make you look better than they are comfortable with to others.

Because we can go through many people in our lives before these people surface, feelings get hurt. If someone was this to you in the past, they were a gift then. Their time has just lapsed. And, that can hurt when we thought it never would. Wish them love, peace, and all things good.

Head up, soldier. Look around. Check your phone. Who is there for you? Who can you celebrate wins with AND share your struggles? I pray it’s someone on this fallen earth too. We need earthly lovers and defenders too.

Yes, God has promised to never leave us or forsake us. But, our Father gives good gifts and He provides. Even before we know we need it. Think of Zacchaeus and the tree he climbed just to get a glimpse of Jesus. That tree was planted long before he needed it.

Do we get frustrated with our kids’ humanness? Are we parents also humans? Do we want grace for our humanity? Remember this as we are all humans living in a messed up world.

God is bigger. He sent His Son (God in the flesh) to die for us. For humans. He became one just to do so. He felt thirst, sadness, hunger, grief, separation…None of which He had to. But still, He came from heaven to live as a human so that we could join Him in heaven for eternity. That’s how much He loves and understands ALL of us humans.

Living Water…

I’ve been watching “The Chosen” with my husband and marveling at Jesus. Wondering where He is in the scene. Looking for Him and wondering when He’ll show up on the screen. Thankful each time He does. My heart goes out to Him as I watch His heart go out to others.

Some have issues with the show, but just like any church full of people, there can be no perfect one. No perfect recreation of our Creator. Only He is perfect and can translate scripture perfectly.

Still, the show makes me thirsty. Thirsty for more of Jesus. And, isn’t that always good and what He wants? God uses us, imperfect ones to point to Him. He’s looking for our hearts. Too often, our heads get in the way.

We watched the scene with the woman at the well. He told her all she had done. And rather than get angry or blame Him for the hard times that she had been through, she rejoiced. She beamed. She felt nothing but joy and amazement.

She wasn’t embarrassed that this man could tell her every man she’d been with and why. She was filled with joy and relief that He MUST be who He said He was. Who she (and so many others) had been waiting on. She couldn’t wait to tell anyone who would listen! That He “told her everything she had done.”

When others pointed out her past, she’d grown cold, angry, bitter, and mad at their rejection and disgust of what she’d done.

But, when Jesus did. Pure joy.

He told her and then accepted her. He told her so that she would believe. Only then could she also believe He loved her and that He was the One she was looking for. He told her her past with love in His eyes.

Love and Truth that she couldn’t deny.

He didn’t tell her to condemn, but to reveal His heart and love for her. “You’ve done this (you fill in the blank). Not only do I know, I know why you did it and I love you.”

The devil tells us our past so that we can feel despair and hopelessness. Jesus tells us so that we can know He loves us anyway and still.

What a stark difference. Water for our parched souls, so refreshing. What we’re all searching for and need every day. Just like we need water to drink.

Jesus told this Samaritan woman at the well that He is “Living Water”. That if she comes to Him, she’ll never be thirsty again. Trying to get through to her that the water at the well (as vital as it is) was different than the water He offers.

He offers our answer. We need physical water for our bodies. He is the water our souls need.

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” –John 4:13-14 (NIV)

As Christians, we are told that we are to be salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13).

Salt creates thirst physically. Most of us need a drink after pretzels or potato chips. And we are to create thirst spiritually (salt). Create a thirst for Him by how we live, how we love, and how we admit our faults and weaknesses.

When He says we will never be thirsty again, I wonder if this means when we are with Him in heaven. Because, even though I’ve accepted Him here, I stay thirsty. Thirsty for more of Him. Wanting to be where He is. Wanting to talk with Him. Reading, watching, looking for Him. I want more of Him. I pray I help others to as well.

Salt and Living Water. Salt makes us thirsty. He offers Living Water that we may never thirst again.


The more I get and learn of Him, the more I want. Thirsty. His Kingdom, once again, turns us upside down in our world.

He knows what I’ve done and He loves me. Same for you. He knows and has compassion for us. He wants us to look to Him and marvel. He wants us to know that not only does He know, He also did what He did for us BECAUSE He knows. He loves us that much.

Stay thirsty, my friend. For more of Him. The Living Water.

One day, only He will quench our thirst. Eternal life with Him. Because here, I just can’t get enough. More and more of You, Jesus…

Dumpster Diving…

Last night we stopped for dinner at a place near our home. It was a later than usual dinner for us because it was following my older daughter’s basketball game. We have a special booth here. It’s affordable and sentimental to us.

We talked, we ate, and we left.

My younger daughter had placed her new Invisalign trays into a napkin before she ate and asked me to help her remember them. These were new and we left without them. We both completely forgot…Until 1.5 hours later. When I went to grab her toothbrush for the evening, my mind went back. “Do you have your Invisalign?” “Did you grab it?” Blank stare. At that moment, I knew.

We rushed out in our pajamas. Back to the restaurant, knowing full well we’d probably never see them again and the money they cost. Fear, silence, prayer. I prayed out loud as I was driving. “Dear Jesus, help us find our trays. Please, Jesus.”

Back at the restaurant, now about 10:30pm, we asked our server for help. She ran to the kitchen and the manager came out quickly. I asked if we could dig through his trash. He directed us behind the restaurant to where the dumpsters were and said he’d help. He brought us gloves and we began. Food, wet napkins, sauce, fries, trash. Handful by handful. We all sorted. Ketchup, barbecue sauce, chicken wings everywhere. You can imagine a restaurant’s trash. This was it.

He brought out lanterns and I had my headlights pointed at the trash. The busser came to help. He emptied a bucket in front of us and said he’d go through it because there were shards of glass in that particular bucket. We all sorted. And I said “keep praying girls”.

We knew this was a long shot. As the girls complained it was gross, the manager said “this is not ideal for anyone.” But, they both helped us dig. They didn’t condemn, they didn’t shame, they didn’t leave us alone in the dark by the dumpster. They too got their hands dirty for our mistake. Blessing!

About 15 minutes in, the busser said “I found it!” In the bucket with the glass. The one he wouldn’t let us go through in case we might cut ourselves. What ?!?!? Are you serious ?!? I hugged him, dirty gloves and all. I had no cash to offer, just pure gratitude. To them both. And to God. For helping us remember that night and find two clear Invisalign trays ($$$) in a restaurant’s trash at 10:30 pm.

This happened at No Frills Grill in our hometown. And, now, it has an even bigger place in our hearts. To say the least.

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing our nighttime dumpster dive with your Presence and people with hearts to help. All Glory goes to You for this story too. And, lesson learned, no more putting the trays in napkins!

Loving the Answer

I’ve learned that sometimes when we think our problems are other people, what we are actually struggling with is our own sin.

When things get really sad for a long time. Ask God why.

In His loving ways, sometimes He lets it sit longer until we’re actually willing and ready to hear His answer.

Are we jealous? Are we greedy? Are we hurt by something else and displacing it? Are we telling the truth?

No one can take certain things away from you. Who you are. Who you gave birth to. How God made you. How much God loves you.

Are you sad because you feel you’re losing people? Have you done something to hurt them? If so, correct it if possible. If not, let life run it’s course. Let people go and ask God who He has for you.

Are you sad because kids are choosing friends over you? That’s normal. Both ways.

If someone else told me I was jealous, I wouldn’t want to hear it. It would make me angry and defensive. But, when God does, it’s the most loving thing He can do. Because then, I can address, confess, and surrender it. “Lord, take this jealousy. Lord, forgive me. Help me with it.”

I’ve written about how Jesus is the Answer. His answers to our human struggles are given in His Love too. To help us.

Do we need to forgive someone…again? Something we thought we’d already done, but then the sadness takes over. Why?

He will graciously and mercifully share with our hearts when we are ready to hear His answer. “My precious child, this is making you sad.”

Thank you, sweet Jesus, for You and Your answers. When we know Your character, we appreciate your admonishment.

How Do I Heal?

Letting go doesn’t mean to ignore or forget. It doesn’t mean that experience or loss didn’t happen or shouldn’t have bothered you in the first place. Like some will say and have told me too.

Letting go is moving forward with the reality of it. Moving forward forever changed and wiser because of it.

Accepting the sadness that overrides the initial and even justifiable anger. Having greater capacity and compassion to relate to others. And also increasing your awareness of how to better guard your heart going forward.

The scar comes from love, so you are a loving person. Something always to be proud of.

Loving someone is never wrong.

The love will need to change, but it can and should remain. We are called to love others as we love ourselves.

“One of the teachers of the Law of Moses came up while Jesus and the Sadducees were arguing. When he heard Jesus give a good answer, he asked him, “What is the most important commandment?” Jesus answered, “The most important one says: ‘People of Israel, you have only one Lord and God. You must love him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.’ The second most important commandment says: ‘Love others as much as you love yourself.’ No other commandment is more important than these.”
‭‭Mark‬ ‭12:28-31‬ ‭(CEV‬‬)

Love heals. Hate hurts.

Moving on doesn’t mean it didn’t matter, it means you’re still here without it or them for a reason. Keep going.

I look at physical hearts with ultrasound for a living. I can see the visual difference between how a heart squeezes with a scar versus without. The person with a scar is usually forever changed because of the event that created it.

Let these events make us all better and more aware of ourselves and others. Also, aware of how short our time here can be and how we are all imperfect and in need of grace.

Let’s keep eternity in mind, like God has planned and made possible for us all.

Ask Him for help. Feel Him closer than ever in your pain and remember that He’s with you just as close in the days after.

You are loved.


Yesterday, my last patient of the day was in a wheelchair.

This man not only had a prosthetic leg, but his other one was broken. He was nothing but gracious in his clearly frustrating condition. He was so thankful we “squeezed” him into our schedule and had been there all day. I can’t help but think how upset I might have been dealing with that. He was apologetic to me for the need to move my room around in order to scan him since he was unable to get on the exam table. He said he was so sick of sitting and that losing one leg sure made him appreciate that other leg, which now was broken and he needed surgery clearance to fix it. He told me thank you over and over again.

This morning, I went for a walk/jog in our neighborhood. I thought of that man in the wheelchair. I saw a man on a walker, practicing. He wasn’t old enough for a walker and appeared to have suffered a stroke or something similar. He was practicing walking. He froze when it was time to turn around, he had to really think it through to get his legs to do what he wanted them to do. He smiled as I walked quickly by.

Let’s be thankful for what we have. We take so much for granted. Even our legs.




Senseless Tragedy…

So often we hear this term concerning events that we can’t wrap our minds around. Mistakes, cancer, shootings, riots, rules never made, rules unfollowed. Such a senseless tragedy.

I think back to the Garden of Eden when Lucifer was tempting Eve. His technique was “That doesn’t make sense. Why would God say you could eat of any tree except this one? Doesn’t make sense.” (Senseless) Eve agreed and ate it.

After the fact, we wonder why did she feel like all the other trees just weren’t enough? Why didn’t she just enjoy all the other ones she could indulge in abundantly. Why did she eat of the one tree in all the Garden that God told them not to. (Senseless)

Because of this senseless tragedy in the Garden of Eden, our world has been riddled with them. One senseless tragedy orchestrated by the Father of lies led to all these others.

Making laws help. Following laws help. But, like Adam and Eve in the Garden, even people who love the Lord get duped, stubborn, and mess up. Not to mention those who don’t love Him or care at all.

That’s why God sent His Son down to this world of painful, seemingly never-ending, senseless tragedies to also die. He agreed. He took on that mission to get us out of here one day.

Stop trying to make sense of or fix this world. Lean on Jesus. He’s the only way out of here. May we always remember with each one that the first senseless tragedy led to them all and they won’t stop until He comes back to take us home. Some are accidents, some are intentional. But, they all feel senseless. It’s our human condition.

His heart still aches with each one. He wept for Lazarus and still raised Him from the dead. He cries with us in these tragedies knowing He will bring them to an end. He longs for us to trust His heart when it doesn’t make sense. In our pain and questions.

We’ll never understand it all. We aren’t God. Just like the serpent told Eve that she would know more than God when she ate it, that’s a lie. We’ll never know more. We aren’t supposed to or we would be God. We can’t fix this world. He will because of what He did.

God doesn’t cause sin and death, He allows it and still saved us in spite of that first senseless tragedy.

God knew when they took that bite, a heavy price would need to be paid. Because of what Jesus did to pay that price, He will take us home where there will be no more senseless tragedies of any kind.

Instead of sadness and shock, our senses will be heightened and blown away by the beauty, joy, and unity in heaven. Nothing but peace, health, love, and reunion with those who love Him too.

Thank you, Jesus, for covering our first senseless tragedy in the Garden of Eden and for being with us through those that come after. Please comfort the hurting, make Yourself known to our hearts. And, come back soon. Amen.

Walk Our Race

We all know the phrase, “Run your own race.” Having to do with staying in our own lane. Focusing more on what we’re doing than what others are doing. Keeping our eye on the prize. Doing what we can to help ourself and not tripping over others’ progress and issues.

I think it’s important to help others when they fall or get injured. I think Jesus wants us to. I also think He gave each one of us our own dreams, gifts, and strengths to fulfill our purpose (race) on this earth and to help others with theirs.

Just like He so graciously give us our own gifts, we also all have our own weaknesses. We know this because we all fall short. (Romans 3:23) We all need help from Him and from others to get where we’re going.

Sometimes we need to stop running our race and walk it. Intentionally slow our roll and walk. There will be times in our journeys when we feel like we are walking through mud. Other times we end up somewhere completely different than we’d planned to because we were dragged. Other times we will be carried and have no idea how we made it over that hot lava.

Sometimes we run full speed ahead and sometimes we need to walk. On purpose. Obstacles will sometimes require it. The strength and discipline it takes to walk instead of run when the coast appears clear, requires the Holy Spirit too. Because He sees the end, we can’t. He sees all the runners, we can’t. He loves all of us runners/sinners and wants us all to reach His finish line. He died for all of us to do so.

So, when directed to, walk. Slowly, deliberately, powerfully. Confident in the One waving the flag.

I believe God makes Himself clear when we ask Him what our current pace should be.

In races, flags are used to signal drivers and their colors all mean something different. Blue means allow faster cars to pass. Yellow means caution. Black means the driver should return to their pit. Red flags mean stop.

There is a pace to our race. Although our paces and races will all be different, we are all aiming for the same finish line if our goal is heaven. And, we need to trust His pace. By God given grace.

Right now, mine is WALK until the green flag says RUN.

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” — Colossians 3:24 (NLT)

He Did It For You…

So, today a coworker asked what we had planned this weekend. My first response was to complain that we would be all spread out. That I wanted everyone home for Easter. That Easter without everyone where they’re “supposed to be” was just a bummer. She felt my disappointment and sadness over it. She’s a sweetheart.

As soon as she walked away, the Lord whispered in my ear… “Where others are doesn’t change what I did for you on Easter.” Right then, my mind blew right open. What He did was for me. Who’s around and what we do doesn’t change that one iota. It’s 100% personal.

So, no matter who you celebrate with, egg hunt with, worship with, or play golf with, remember the true meaning of Easter. And, that can and should be in our hearts, no matter where we are or who we’re with.

One on One with the One who did it for you. It’s about you and Him. I love when He speaks to our hearts. It’s so sweet and personal. I hope this touches yours.

People are People

Just a reminder of the story of Jesus.

People lied to Him. They lied about Him. They called Him blasphemous. They laughed at Him. They spit on Him. People mocked Him. Jesus was God with us on earth.

People are still people. God is still God.

If you feel it’s unfair to be lied about, lied to, ridiculed, gossiped about, called names, hurt. You weren’t the first. Our Savior took all of that on blamelessly. Never having done that to anyone.

He spoke the truth and He is love therefore anything that He said that hurt feelings was for the ultimate good of those He spoke it to. It had to be. Because that’s who He was. Love and Truth.

When His words sting, they are still for our good too. They have to be. Because He still is. Good. Perfectly Good. Love and Truth.

People were healed by Jesus. To the point of crowds surrounding Him.

People were amazed by Jesus. To the point of dying for Him.

People hurt Jesus mentally. To the point of sweating blood.

People didn’t believe Jesus. To the point of betrayal and arrest.

People killed Jesus. With a pierced and broken heart.

Jesus took the nails for people. The people He wants to live with for eternity. And that’s all of us. And all of them.

People are still people. People still do all these things.

God is still God. God will do all things.