Senseless Tragedy…

So often we hear this term concerning events that we can’t wrap our minds around. Mistakes, cancer, shootings, riots, rules never made, rules unfollowed. Such a senseless tragedy.

I think back to the Garden of Eden when Lucifer was tempting Eve. His technique was “That doesn’t make sense. Why would God say you could eat of any tree except this one? Doesn’t make sense.” (Senseless) Eve agreed and ate it.

After the fact, we wonder why did she feel like all the other trees just weren’t enough? Why didn’t she just enjoy all the other ones she could indulge in abundantly. Why did she eat of the one tree in all the Garden that God told them not to. (Senseless)

Because of this senseless tragedy in the Garden of Eden, our world has been riddled with them. One senseless tragedy orchestrated by the Father of lies led to all these others.

Making laws help. Following laws help. But, like Adam and Eve in the Garden, even people who love the Lord get duped, stubborn, and mess up. Not to mention those who don’t love Him or care at all.

That’s why God sent His Son down to this world of painful, seemingly never-ending, senseless tragedies to also die. He agreed. He took on that mission to get us out of here one day.

Stop trying to make sense of or fix this world. Lean on Jesus. He’s the only way out of here. May we always remember with each one that the first senseless tragedy led to them all and they won’t stop until He comes back to take us home. Some are accidents, some are intentional. But, they all feel senseless. It’s our human condition.

His heart still aches with each one. He wept for Lazarus and still raised Him from the dead. He cries with us in these tragedies knowing He will bring them to an end. He longs for us to trust His heart when it doesn’t make sense. In our pain and questions.

We’ll never understand it all. We aren’t God. Just like the serpent told Eve that she would know more than God when she ate it, that’s a lie. We’ll never know more. We aren’t supposed to or we would be God. We can’t fix this world. He will because of what He did.

God doesn’t cause sin and death, He allows it and still saved us in spite of that first senseless tragedy.

God knew when they took that bite, a heavy price would need to be paid. Because of what Jesus did to pay that price, He will take us home where there will be no more senseless tragedies of any kind.

Instead of sadness and shock, our senses will be heightened and blown away by the beauty, joy, and unity in heaven. Nothing but peace, health, love, and reunion with those who love Him too.

Thank you, Jesus, for covering our first senseless tragedy in the Garden of Eden and for being with us through those that come after. Please comfort the hurting, make Yourself known to our hearts. And, come back soon. Amen.