Go Where the Love is….


Go where the love is. Go where it flows freely, not where you have to wish and wait for it to appear or feel like you have to milk it to get it. We wake up hungry for love and go to bed just as hungry. God designed us this way. If we have people in our lives that fill our cups, we are so blessed! There are days when, no matter what or who attempts to love us, it’s still not enough…..This is exactly why God created us this way. Only He can refuel us when the loneliness and sadness kicks in. We may try to compensate with sex, drugs, alcohol, people pleasing, and staying “busy” but, ultimately, the sadness and loneliness will kick back in. We are humans, we are flawed, He LOVES us anyways. Hold on to that for dear life. Thank GOD we don’t have to be perfect for Him to love, forgive, and accept us. His grace covers us.

10 thoughts on “Go Where the Love is….

  1. So happy to read your first blog! I’ve no doubt that you will inspire us all with your honesty, your faith and that positive spirit that I love so much. Keep ’em coming!


    1. My first comment! Thank you girl…I appreciate your love and support so much. This is truly a dream coming true and a huge work in progress.<3


  2. Love it. So happy you are following being led..You have such a heart for God. Thanks for being a blessings to so many. Love you


    1. Thank you! Praying for direction, peace, inspiration, and courage to share. All Glory to Him….Love you back!


  3. Darla you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. A beautiful piece of your heart. A heart so full of love to give and filled with Jesus too! I’m so exited to see where God leads you. Congratulations for going from thoughts to actions! I will be waiting for your next entry.


    1. Thank you sweet Sheila for your love, encouragement, and prayers! You are my fellow warrior and a true blessing from God. ❤


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