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I will turn 39 this year…The more mid life I get, the more I’m convinced these all too common midlife crises are stemmed from sheer boredom. Ruts, routines.

I’ve been in the same career for 16 years. Been at the same company for 12. It gets boring. So much so, that I can be busy and bored at the exact same time. Sometimes our comfort zones can get so comfortable they start to feel uncomfortable. I’m more convinced than ever that idle hands (and minds) are the devil’s workshop. Let’s be aware that we can be busy as heck raising kids, working full time, holding down relationships and marriages, entertaining friends and still get bored. It’s a restless heart syndrome. And, this doesn’t make us bad. It makes us human.

Last week my daughter was talking about how bored she was. She’s 9. She said “Mom, we do the same things! Morning and night. And, school! It’s boring too.” She said the same thing at church last weekend. “How BORING!!” She was in a rut. I knew exactly where she was coming from, but couldn’t help but lean over and say, “Trust me honey, this is the MOST exciting thing you’ll hear….ever.” I still got an eye roll. The sermon was about the second coming of Jesus. Is there ANYTHING more exciting than that? No. I say bring it.

We look for the next exciting thing. We yearn for a vacation, a new friend, anything to break the monotony. Newness. We crave a challenge. Something, anything to ease the day in, day out, same thing, every day. This boredom and desire for excitement and adrenaline can easily lead to some very poor choices with a devastating ripple effect. We need to be aware of what’s going on. Are we just bored?

What if we leaned into rather than away from what our souls crave the most? What if we leaned into our calling? Asked God what it is? Dug into our passions? Filled our minds with all that is good? Poured into someone’s life? Asked God how to serve Him more? Love the people in our lives better? Learn how….There is always something to learn.

How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. Proverbs 16:16 (ESV)

How about rather than twist off, we twist on and dig in to what and Who really makes us tick. Ask Him how to jump start the rut we feel. Follow our passions. Step out. There is excitement and fear in that. And, that’s just the right combo of emotions for a good mid life press that just might better us and the world around us rather than leave a destructive wake. Can we spice things up in a positive way? Recognize it for what it is and be more aware of what we are looking to in order to change things up a bit?

We have individual interests and passions for a reason. What exhilarates you in a positive way? Do more of that. You may have stumbled upon your gift. When the routines of life leave us bored and restless, let’s press in rather than peel out.

4 thoughts on “Midlife Press

  1. Oh, this one rings true for me. As I move back to doing what I love (writing), my long days are still long but so much more enjoyable. I have had to let ego go multiple times in my career to forego the next Big Thing and instead follow my gut to what I am drawn to. And my days have become more interesting and exciting again–love being guided thus.


    1. YES, because it’s your gift! Your passion. You are so gifted in writing! Thank you so much and keep it UP, please! We are so blessed to get to read it.

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  2. I love this Darla. It is right on for the spring season! We get restless. When I spoke last night to a group of young ladies, I reminded them that any place in our heart or mind that feels empty we need to fill it with good things, on purpose! If we do not, it will get filled with other things. Good things like, Jesus, the Bible, worship and praise songs. encouraging words and praying. I also think of the reminder that we were given by Beth Moore, if there is something we have a passion for, that we love doing, our calling is probably something along those lines. The only one who can fulfill your calling is you! No one else will ever do!


    1. Yes!!! Thank you. So good and so true. Please, Lord, fill our restless hearts. Let us look to YOU for that. Let us each embrace our calling. How amazing is it that we all have one??


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