What About Them?

In Matthew 23, Jesus warns the Pharisees about focusing on rules over the love and mercy of God. How do we treat people? When you reach out in compassion towards someone, anyone…we are treating them as Jesus would. One of my dear friends just hugged and hugged me last night, until the tears flowed….In that moment, she was the arms of Jesus to me.

This post is about how we treat people. How did Jesus treat people? Back then, probably everyone came to church (synagogue) in sandals. But, these days when someone walks into church in  flip flops or torn jeans, how do you feel? Their clothes, hairstyle, or jewelry may displease your eyes, but how’s your heart? Are you glad they’re there? Jesus is. On the flipside, if someone is wearing a suit, do you immediately assume they are looking down on you for not?

What if they smell like smoke? What if they are ashamed? Embarrassed? Guilty? Hurt? Can we be the hands and feet of Jesus? Can we not only make room on our faithful pew, but smile and welcome them? Because, guess what, we all are. They have come to the right place, not the wrong one.

It hurts my heart so badly when I hear the stories of church people against church people or just as much church people against other church people. We are all people. There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), so it’s been like this for ages and it will continue to. But, I’d still like to point out that although we will never be Jesus, we can ask Him for help to love and view others as He does.

As a married woman and a single mom, I’ve walked into church countless times alone. I look for friends, but I still usually sit alone, sometimes I slip out the back early. I come for Jesus and fellowship with loving, accepting, warm believers, but I leave before I get it for fear that I won’t. As have many. And some never return because of it…

I’ve been seen with a few different guys at church over the past few years. I’ll be honest, it’s hard and embarrassing. When you’re married and alone, people wonder where your spouse is. When you’re single, they wonder why, when you’re with someone new, they wonder who, why, and how long. And, truth of the matter, even if people aren’t thinking this, we think they are. This is just a personal example. There are so many other concerns that people walk into church with, are self conscious about, or feel different because of. Think about the courage it takes…

This happens everywhere people are because we are just that….people. All churches, at family reunions, in the grocery store, on the highway, at our workplace, on social media, at Christmas dinner….It’s the way Christians (enter your denomination here) treat other people (especially other Christians (enter your denomination here) that turn people away. As much as this hurts my heart, I cannot imagine how much it hurts God’s.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:34-45 (ESV)

When we wonder whether or not to reach out, I think we need to remember and focus on how far God reached for us. With arms stretched as far as He possibly could, nailed to that wooden cross, Jesus reached, stretched, gasped, and died for me. Maybe someone else needs this reminder today.

He didn’t just do this for me, He did it for all of you. Everyone. So, my desire is to treat people in this way. All people. Like a person He died for, because He did. Regardless of what your scared to share or who you voted for, whether you’ve served time or should, whether you live on a golf course or in your back seat…Regardless of how you eat, keep the Sabbath, or dress. Regardless of what church you attend or school your kids go to.

May we love like Jesus does. When I die, this is the legacy I would most like to leave.

I pray forgiveness for when I’ve failed, I know that I have. Where does our help come from? Our help comes from the Lord. (Psalm 121:2)


3 thoughts on “What About Them?

  1. Beautiful words my friend. Coming from more than one church background I can speak to this…when we were growing up, we were very poor, our “church best” was not very good. I do remember worrying about going to church because of my clothes and because of the things that were going on at home that no one knew about. I knew God knew and I feared others knew as well. In all of the fear, i did find Jesus there…I found Him in my Sunday school teacher and I found Him in my youth pastor. As an adult I have also had fears of going to church….different fears none the less but big fears to me. At first it was the fear of being judged because I brought my daughter and my husband did not come with us…later in life it was because of other things..many different ones for example at one point I had gained a lot of weight…I know this seems so trivial but it was not to me, it was very very big…I could not wear any of my clothes, I refused to buy new ones…if I did fit into them at all I looked like I was poured into them…But I found Jesus there too…I was worried about what people thought about me but God showed me, its not about me….I found Jesus there in friends who would hug me…a real hug of love…friends who told me they missed me when I was not there…friends who told me I looked beautiful when I felt my worst. I found Jesus in the pastor and I found Jesus in the pew. Sooooo..having experienced these things you have described, I have learned to look for Jesus…not just in church but everywhere. The church is not a building the church is us…the people. Even more than learning to look for Jesus….I am learning to be a jesus to someone, anyone, a stranger, a patient, a friend in need and most certainly in my christian family. It is not about me….but IT IS about what I do, what I say, how I act…I want to love like Jesus does…I know on this earth that will never happen I am human and I will fail and I will however unintentionally I will hurt someone, I will fail someone. But each moment I spend with him, in worship, in song, in the Bible, in prayer and yes even in church my heart is being more prepped to love like He does.

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    1. Amen!! Thank you for sharing friend! I appreciate your openness and honesty. You have always been the arms of Jesus to me. Our Bible study group is straight from His heart. May we always remember this not about us, it’s about Him. Thank you beautiful! I am SO blessed to attend a church with this (His) love in it. We just need to look. He’s always there.


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