Human to Human

If we want others to allow for our humanness, we need to allow others theirs as well.

We need to let people in on the bad and the good. If you have a problem sharing either of these with someone, pay attention to that. It’s God warning and directing you. To the ones you can share the good and the bad, give extra thanks.

We should still love the ones we can’t with, but God gives us certain ones to share both with on a deep level. The deep hards and the really high goods. He gives those who will genuinely feel with you and for you. These are some of your biggest gifts.

If someone won’t admit their humanness with me, I’m no longer comfortable sharing mine. I’ll just take it to God, because I know He gets it. It takes humility to share the bad and courage to share the good. Some only want to hear the bad stuff for juice to share with others and some can’t handle the good because it might make you look better than they are comfortable with to others.

Because we can go through many people in our lives before these people surface, feelings get hurt. If someone was this to you in the past, they were a gift then. Their time has just lapsed. And, that can hurt when we thought it never would. Wish them love, peace, and all things good.

Head up, soldier. Look around. Check your phone. Who is there for you? Who can you celebrate wins with AND share your struggles? I pray it’s someone on this fallen earth too. We need earthly lovers and defenders too.

Yes, God has promised to never leave us or forsake us. But, our Father gives good gifts and He provides. Even before we know we need it. Think of Zacchaeus and the tree he climbed just to get a glimpse of Jesus. That tree was planted long before he needed it.

Do we get frustrated with our kids’ humanness? Are we parents also humans? Do we want grace for our humanity? Remember this as we are all humans living in a messed up world.

God is bigger. He sent His Son (God in the flesh) to die for us. For humans. He became one just to do so. He felt thirst, sadness, hunger, grief, separation…None of which He had to. But still, He came from heaven to live as a human so that we could join Him in heaven for eternity. That’s how much He loves and understands ALL of us humans.


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