He Did It For You…

So, today a coworker asked what we had planned this weekend. My first response was to complain that we would be all spread out. That I wanted everyone home for Easter. That Easter without everyone where they’re “supposed to be” was just a bummer. She felt my disappointment and sadness over it. She’s a sweetheart.

As soon as she walked away, the Lord whispered in my ear… “Where others are doesn’t change what I did for you on Easter.” Right then, my mind blew right open. What He did was for me. Who’s around and what we do doesn’t change that one iota. It’s 100% personal.

So, no matter who you celebrate with, egg hunt with, worship with, or play golf with, remember the true meaning of Easter. And, that can and should be in our hearts, no matter where we are or who we’re with.

One on One with the One who did it for you. It’s about you and Him. I love when He speaks to our hearts. It’s so sweet and personal. I hope this touches yours.