Since this is a public blog, I feel a disclaimer is warranted. A few things I want out there. Regardless of whether they are believed or not, this is my heart behind a few things.

  • I write because God asked me to share my heart
  • I have to be and get okay with being misunderstood
  • I also need to be aware and okay with the fact that not everyone likes me, knows me, or approves of what I do
  • I write to help girls with decisions before they marry, work on their marriages, and to share the struggles of divorce and sharing kids.
  • I write to let other women know they are not alone
  • I write to share the love of Jesus
  • My ex husband is a great dad
  • I’ve grown to love their stepmom and at this point wouldn’t want anyone else in her place. She loves the girls, what else could I ask for?
  • I am beyond thankful that our girls have two sets of parents who love them enough to want them all the time. Praise God for that!
  • I share struggles associated with co-parenting to highlight the grace of God, encourage others to work on their marriages, and to be aware of what they will face if it falls apart.
  • Some marriages need to fall apart
  • I have made many mistakes in marriage and mothering too. I admit to each and every one and ask forgiveness
  • The thoughts expressed in this blog are my own. You are 100% entitled to your own and welcome to share as well
  • There are absolutely two sides to every story, I can only share my own. I only know my own
  • My intent is never to hurt anyone, but to extend grace to those who have hurt me and I can only pray for the same for those I have hurt
  • My purpose for this blog is an eternal one. To point to Jesus, to share how He alone shares in our struggles and loves each one of us with an incomprehensible love regardless of our failures, mess-ups, and weaknesses….and we all have them. I am no different.

4 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. February 22, 2018

    I too have a difficult time disappointing others! I love your blog as a wife, as a momma, as the product of divorce/step parents and most of all as a woman! My family is ridiculous and loves to gossip – pointing blame, ridiculing and disgracing each other. They have an amazing way of calling each other and then blaming the other for pointing fingers, when they themselves stirred the pot. I inherited the gene…. But have come to recognize the hurt, recognize I don’t want the hurt and I want different for the family I have created! And for that I’m the bad guy, but you know what my created family – husb/kids, are the better for me stepping away from the madness! In this, the reality of life, your blog’s are beautiful! They are so on point to life, and often to my personal experiences. WE have to make life what WE want it to be and there is a clown on every corner, so keep making it what you want it to be and keep encouraging us… ME!


    P.S. There are two of us and the Softball schedule is nuts!!!

    “It takes team work to make the dream work!”

    Lisa Priddy, Arlington Surgery Office Coordinator
    Ph 817-461-8327, Fx 817-275-2525


    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I praise God they have touched you. Anyone. That’s why I share…I really appreciate your support. Like really! And, thank you for sharing this. I know it’s not easy. You’re a rockstar mama/ woman. Like I’ve shared, being a child of divorce too, I’ve witnessed what I do not want to do. It’s still a struggle to this day…Divorce is tough because the feelings associated are and for all intents and purposes should be intense.


  2. Thank you Darla. You are a beautiful soul and I love reading all you post. My children are the product of a divorced family but by the grace of God they have turned out well. I wish I could have had a friend like you or your blog to follow during those difficult times. I love that you are so close to Jesus and able to show how he is in our lives always if we want him. Keep moving forward , we appreciate all you do!


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